Jerne by Jodie
Jerne by Jodie
Jerne by Jodie


Thank you for stopping by, I am so happy to have you here!

In 2022, I began my spiritual journey. I left my career of 20 years in the NHS and found a new love for crystals and celestial jewellery.

I struggled to find jewellery designs that resonated with my style so Jerne by Jodie was founded in 2023- sourcing jewellery with a unique and aesthetic connection for each wearer.

I am based in Devon with my husband and 2 children and handle all aspects of the business myself.

The luxury crystal range is sourced from a family-run business in Brazil. They pride themselves on ethical and respectful practices to deliver high-quality products without harming the planet and aiding the development of small communities.

Jewellery should be both beautiful and meaningful.

My journey – Your journey – Life’s journey